​For a list of 65 MSM "Journalists" who met with Dem Party Leaders, potentially engaged in activities that support Dem candidate(s), click here



Haim Saban, Chairman of Univision, coordinated with HRC camp to attack Trump on Latino issues
Maggie Haberman, then of Politico, now covering the election for the New York Times, as a “friendly journalist” who has “teed up” stories for them in the past and “never disappointed” them.
Marjorie Pritchard, Op-ed editor for Boston Globe, advised HRC camp on timing of editorial to coincide with campaign stops in New England area.
Louise Mensch is the editor of Heat Street, Rupert Murdoch’s latest site, which is targeted at conservatives. Wikileaks drop shows Mensch is a fan of Hillary Clinton, so much so that she furtively tried to write campaign ads.​

Chuck Todd, MSNBC, Pressured by Debbie Schultz, DNC Chair, to stop negative coverage

Pew Research: Media:

  • Not Accurate, 66%
  • Not Professional, 32%
  • Politically Biased 63%

Mark Liebowich, NYT Reporter, gave Clinton camp veto power over quotes in exchange for access for a long profile.  Got "Thanks!"

US Ranks 41st in Index of Press Freedom

​Each year since 2002, Reporters Without Borders has released its World Press Freedom Index. The ranking, according to the group, assesses media markets across the world to gauge their level of independence, pluralism, transparency, abuses and self-censorship.  Given what we now know about the depth of American mainstream media's corruption and collusion with the Clinton campaign, it is no wonder that among 180 countries, the U.S. ranks 41st.

Glenn Thrush, Politico reporter runs article by Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta to make sure nothing offends.

​​​​John Harwood, CNBC reporter, offered advice to Clinton Campaign

​Donna Brazile, Former CNN Contributor and current DNC Chair, gave copy of Townhall Question to Clinton campaign prior to event. Trashed Obama Economy in private email, defends it in public