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​The Devil’s Pleasure Palace:

The Cult of Critical Theory and the Subversion of the West  By Michael Walsh


Self-Image of the Left:

-All virtue belongs to Left, ideas are infallible, opposition demonized,

-The Left are the elect, our betters tasked with fixing all social issues, resistance is futile

-Rejection of all concepts taught by religion and tradition,

-Dissent is highest form of patriotism,

-Tolerance only for the Left, suppress all other voices


​Left Narratives:

-Working together means giving the Left what it wants for sake of compassion, fairness, tolerance

-Social justice means equality of outcomes, state can seize and redistribute property (welfare state)

-Right to life, repealed by Supreme Court decades ago, enforced daily by full frontal assault on all opponents, with goal of a humanity where death is indifferent (Nazi Germany, soviet Russia)

-All cultures equal, none better or worse, nothing exceptional about America

-race, sex, gender and identity politics are everything, nothing else matters

Weaponized tactics:

-Imperfection: Re individual and opponents, if one bad thing happens, reject the person (no sin of the past goes unnoticed or unpunished) good enough is enemy of the perfect

-Moral standards: remove moral high ground of American way, replace with self-doubt

-Crime: not wrong on its own, but a residue of poverty, latent slavery

-Culture: control the media, academics, pop culture, social networks, and more to drive Left narratives, suppress opposition

Opposition narratives:

-Freedom is the light (knowledge, reason) shining against the darkness of evil

-conservatism must sell heroism- heroes want to what is right, bring knowledge and reason

-each of us must make choices- choose freedom and fight for it, or shelter in place- the heroic narrative is the moral compass

-Example: in Chinatown movie, man’s inability to comprehend evil acts and respond with moral certainty

-The Left is Dorian Gray: externally attractive youthful, but internally corrupt, doomed​