• Climate Change Policies to Reduce Emissions
  • Education: More Affordable, Reduce Student Debt, opposes school choice
  • 12 Weeks Family Leave Paid By Employers
  • More Gun Control Legislation
  • Fix Obamacare, Expand Program
  • Expand Immigration of Middle East, Syria to 500,000+/yr
  • Did Support TPP, Now Opposes Agreement, Has Vision of Open Trade in Hemisphere, Open Borders
  • Abortion: Supports through Ninth Month

The Candidates

Per Rasmussen Poll, October 2016, A Majority of Voters are                Concerned About Vote Fraud:

  • Seriously or somewhat seriously concerned: 58%
  • Not very seriously or not at all seriously concerned: 39%

Per Gallup Poll, 80% of Voters Support Voter ID 

Vote Fraud Is possible in the following cases: 

  • ​Allowing non-citizens to register and vote
  • Failure to maintain voter roles by deleting deceased citizens
  • Allowing votes to be cast without identity check
  • ​Allowing Ex-Felons to vote where banned by state law
  • Accepting absentee ballots without identity check
  • Changing votes within the system after votes are cast
  • Adding false ballots to the voting process
  • ​Rejecting ballots cast that tilt election results

  • America First
  • Rebuild US Military
  • End Political Corruption, "Drain the DC Swamp"
  • Enforce Immigration Laws, Defund Sanctuary Cities
  • Repeal and Replace Obamacare
  • End Common Core, Increase School Choice
  • Protect 1st and 2nd Amendment Freedoms
  • Support First Responders, Protect Americans
  • Win the War against Terrorism
  • Family Leave program funded though tax deductions