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America: Our Shared Destiny.

A Nation Shaped by History, Faith and Culture

Core Policies

Pro Citizen           -Enforce Immigration Laws

 Rights                  -Build Border Wall

                             -Promote Common Interests, Bonds                                     of Citizenship (Volunteerism,                                              Association)

                             -Support Rule of Law and Enforcers                                      of the Law

​                             -Support Vote Integrity laws

Pro Worker            -Promote Fair Trade

Economics              -Promote Job Growth

                               -Advocate more take home pay, less                                      Govt, Taxes 

America First          -Strong Alliances, self-reliant allies

Foreign Policy         -Protect American Interests

                               -Defend Western Values, Oppose                                           Globalism

Dr. Jordan Peterson on Truth (four minute video)

A. Support Sovereignty of Individual.

  • Champion rights of person
  • Oppose Group rights of PC culture
  • Oppose those who demand other people accept  their ideas and values, imposing the PC agenda upon society
  • ​Support Rule of Law 

C. Speak the Truth!

  • Free speech is freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression
  • Speak the Truth to push back on issues of personal freedom, PC and Culture War 
  • Evaluate issues of our time, make decisions about what you think and believe
  • Take a stand, voice your beliefs and live with the consequences

​How to Push Back....

B. Engage in the Culture War