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George Soros: Puppet Master of the Radical Left

Born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1930, of Jewish parents.  In 1944, at age 14, he collaborated with Nazi forces to confiscate household goods of Jewish victims, described the period as “the happiest time of my life” in 60 Minutes TV interview in 1998, stated he did not feel guilty about that time.  (Note that Wikipedia and Snopes, both sites influenced by Soros money, deny the statement).

Moved to London after WWII, earned an MS in Economics from the London School, launched his career in finance. He developed ideas on currency trading over period of decades. In early 1990’s, conducted a $10B short sale of British Sterling, sold off the currency, forcing a devaluation and producing a $1B profit.  Engaged in trading activity in Malaysian currency in 1997, resulting in devaluation of the currency and damage to economy.  Career record of taking down economies for profit.

​Stated goals of Soros are:

  • Bring about one world government,
  • Rid the planet of nationhood with open borders,
  • Reduce influence of US by making it subservient to World Bank, IMF, UN, other international operations and limits

Political Activism-Soros Launched Open Society in 1993, donated $7B+ to financially support leftist, activist organizations: 

​​Moveon.org-Per John Podesta (CAP):focused on grassroots organizing; think tanks; youth outreach; faith communities; micro-targeting outfits; the netroots and blogosphere—seek to drive the content of politics through a strong “echo chamber” and message delivery system.  Spent $60M+ in campaigns of 2008 and 2010. 

Media Matters-
Per David Brock, focus is combating conservative media with talking points and articles promoted by mainstream media outlets.

People for the American Way-
opposes the allegedly growing influence of the religious right, seeks to cultivate new generations of leaders and activists who will promote “progressive values.”

Center for American Progress (CAP)-
Led by John Podesta, focus is function as leftist think tank to develop policy positions and talking points in support of progressive goals.

Southern Poverty Law Center-
focus on hate crimes, labels most conservative groups as hate groups, reports on hate incidents of minorities, ignores actions versus whites. Estimated funds of $300M+, possibly from Muslim countries. Major focus on Islamophobia.

Occupy Wall Street-
anti-capitalist movement known for street demonstrations, public misconduct, abuse of police assigned to maintain order.  Reportedly received $4-5M in funds from Soros sources.

World Economic Forum- Members are elite globalists, trans-nationalists opposed to national borders, seeking one world government.  USAID has provided WEF with $26M in funding during Obama Admin.  At 2017 meeting in Davos Switzerland, declare that climate change is #1 issue.  China takes on major role, seeks to supplant US influence.