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SJWs Engage in Crowd Management by:

-Behavior Control:  Members

  • think alike on core issues, agree on good versus evil, good guys versus bad guys,
  • readily commit to time demands, engage in rituals for group identity versus “Other,”
  • obedience and dependency rewarded within group

-Information Control:

  • controlled to maximize data in support of goals, disparage all other sources of information,
  • pairing up of members to monitor behavior, assuring group commitment correct thinking while discouraging deviations.

Thought Control:  Members

  • accept the “world view” presented by leadership, no other belief systems allowed,  
  • must internalize same in constructs such as “Oppressor versus Oppressed” or “Us versus Them,” use of buzz words and clichés, reject rational analysis, no critical thinking allowed.

Emotional Control:

  • utilize identity of members (race, sex, gender, other) to build  case for guilt and need for atonement,
  • justify actions sanctioned by group (demonstrations, other) to prove commitment to cause and rejection of identity issues. 
  • use fear of rejection or removal from group to control behavior.  

​So What's Happening on our College Campi?

Atlantic magazine article offers insights to the Culture of Safetyism driving parental practices since the 1990's

Social Justice Warrior (SJW)  strategy:

  • If someone has a “Right,” Someone else has Responsibility!
  • "Rights" based on class, race, gender, Patriarchy and more
  • Allege a “Right”, voice Oppression, find the Oppressor
  • Attack and demonize the Oppressor​
  • Rinse and Repeat