Islamophobia In US

FBI Report for 2014: Anti Religion Actions, 1140 Victims

  • 56.8% anti Jewish
  • 16% anti Muslim
  • ​6% anti Catholic

Note: In a search on Bing or Google for "Islam, women, abuse" there are hundreds of photos, all unsuitable for display.

CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood are Terrorist Organizations

Sharia Law, Cliff Notes Version

About Moderate Islam...Peace,  Human Rights, Secular Governance

  • Rejects radical Islam in all forms
  • Believes ​all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Muslims don’t have an exclusive right to “heaven.
  • Seeks equal rights for women
  • Rejects goals of Islamic state, one world caliphate, Sharia Law

Islam: What Do Muslims Believe?

  • ​Muhammad is the Last and Greatest Prophet
  • There is One God, Allah, no Trinity
  • Adam and Eve sinned, were forgiven by Allah, no Original Sin in need of Redemption
  • God chose Abraham, but His Promise went through Hagar and Ismael, not Sarah and Isaac 
    • Premise Denies Foundation of Judaism
  • Islam views Ismael as a Prophet, Muhammad a Descendant 
  • Christ is not Son of God or Divine or Savior, but a Prophet, Second to Muhammad
    • ​Premise Denies Foundation of Christianity
  • ​Christ did not die on the cross, Allah took Him to Heaven
    • ​​Premise Denies any Path to Salvation for Christians
  • ​The Bible is respected word of the Prophets, but corrupted over time, only valid where it agrees with the Koran
  • Man is not made in the image of God, Allah breathed man into existence from dust
  • Paradise is a place of infinite physical pleasure
  • The state, not faith or church, is organizing principle (Sharia Law)
  • Islam's Goal is a One World Caliphate

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​Rebuttal By St. Thomas Acquinas, Others:

  • Christianity advanced by power of Message, Islam advanced by appeal to physical pleasure
  • Message: All humans are called to form their conscience in accord with reason, natural law, and divine revelation
  • Islam leads human adherents to a conscience formed incorrectly
  • Islam began as Christian heresy, not a new religion
  • Heresy means selecting parts of Christian beliefs, rejecting others to fit the different belief system of Islam

What Do Muslims Think?  (Pew Research Data)

​Issue                                      % Support              #

Apostates Executed                  27%                 237M

Honor Killings                            39%                 345M

Corporal Punishment                51%                 289M

​(whipping, stoning, amputation)

18-29 Age Group: Suicide Bombings Can Be Justified

French                          42%

British                           35%

American                      26%