Sharia Law, Cliff Notes Version

CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood are Terrorist Organizations

Islamophobia In US

FBI Report for 2014: Anti Religion Actions, 1140 Victims

  • 56.8% anti Jewish
  • 16% anti Muslim
  • ​6% anti Catholic

About Moderate Islam...Peace,  Human Rights, Secular Governance

  • Rejects radical Islam in all forms
  • Believes ​all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Muslims don’t have an exclusive right to “heaven.
  • Seeks equal rights for women
  • Rejects goals of Islamic state, one world caliphate, Sharia Law

Note: In a search on Bing or Google for "Islam, women, abuse" there are hundreds of photos, all unsuitable for display.

What Do Muslims Think?  (Pew Research Data)

​Issue                                      % Support              #

Apostates Executed                  27%                 237M

Honor Killings                            39%                 345M

Corporal Punishment                51%                 289M

​(whipping, stoning, amputation)

18-29 Age Group: Suicide Bombings Can Be Justified

French                          42%

British                           35%

American                      26%  

Islam: What Do Muslims Believe?

  • ​Muhammad is the Last and Greatest Prophet
  • There is One God, Allah, no Trinity
  • Adam and Eve sinned, were forgiven by Allah, no Original Sin in need of Redemption
  • God chose Abraham, but His Promise went through Hagar and Ismael, not Sarah and Isaac 
    • Premise Denies Foundation of Judaism
  • Islam views Ismael as a Prophet, Muhammad a Descendant 
  • Christ is not Son of God or Divine or Savior, but a Prophet, Second to Muhammad
    • ​Premise Denies Foundation of Christianity
  • ​Christ did not die on the cross, Allah took Him to Heaven
    • ​​Premise Denies any Path to Salvation for Christians
  • ​The Bible is respected word of the Prophets, but corrupted over time, only valid where it agrees with the Koran
  • Man is not made in the image of God, Allah breathed man into existence from dust
  • Paradise is a place of infinite physical pleasure
  • The state, not faith or church, is organizing principle (Sharia Law)
  • Islam's Goal is a One World Caliphate

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​Rebuttal By St. Thomas Acquinas, Others:

  • Christianity advanced by power of Message, Islam advanced by appeal to physical pleasure
  • Message: All humans are called to form their conscience in accord with reason, natural law, and divine revelation
  • Islam leads human adherents to a conscience formed incorrectly
  • Islam began as Christian heresy, not a new religion
  • Heresy means selecting parts of Christian beliefs, rejecting others to fit the different belief system of Islam