American Family Budget Takes Major Hits in 2016 

  • Per chart, families will spend more $ ($5T) on Taxes in 2016, with $4.3T spending on food, clothing and shelter....It's upside down!

Issues That Concern Americans...

Are We Headed in the Right Direction?

Over the past few years, pollsters such as Gallup and Rasmussen have been reporting that a majority of Americans surveyed believe we are headed in the wrong direction.  In a summary report by Real Clear Politics in January, 2016, 31% of likely voters said the US headed in right direction, compared to 63% who stated wrong direction.  Details... The 63% who are not satisfied cite the US government (Congress, politicians), the economy, and jobs as the top three issues that concern them the most.  

So how can we explain the dichotomy between Obama approval ratings consistently in the mid-upper 40% range versus the majority view of the direction of the country?  Details...

Quality of life of future Generations: Each of us owes $50,000 as our personal share of the national debt, and another $40,000 as Illinois residents.  How can we reduce the tax burden on the next generation of citizens and businesses?  Support candidates who seek to curb debt and provide relief to our children and grandchildren.

The chart indicates the price we are paying right now for high National Debt.  The private sector, where 80% of Americans live, runs on after tax dollars.  When dollars are taken from the private sector in the form of taxes, there's less funds available for economic activity.  With our debt levels close to the size of the US economy, we are experiencing annual growth rates in the 2% range, far below our nation's annual average 3% to 4% growth.  The chart is courtesy of an article by the Heritage Foundation.  More details available.