Political Correctness: the Assault on Free Speech​

  • Concept initiated by Lenin: correct political views
  • Replaces social norms for justice and fairness with "private justice," enabling any individual to assert right to be offended with public approval, stifle speech of others


Subset: Trigger theory:

  • Society is racist, sexist, almost all minorities and females have suffered trauma,
  • People vulnerable, we must avoid words or acts of difficult topics that "trigger" any past trauma which could be managed by others,
  • The strong need to defer to the weak

Subset: Microaggression theory:

  • Racism, sexism and genderism have gone underground, embedded in our society
  • We must uncover hidden race, sex and gender bias, reject same
  • Photo list of examples (​Good Grief!)

So How Do Social Justice Warriors Do It?  Manipulating People to get what they want

PostModernism: assault on Western Civilization

Key Principles

  • All cultures equal
  • Rejects all western culture accomplishments, progress is a form of dominance and control
  • World is battleground of competing power hierarchies
  • Oppressor versus Oppressed is key driver, replaces class warfare, power is all that matters
  • Western culture is source of all evil in world
  • Enlightenment is white nationalism, supremacy and racism
  • All other cultures are good, innocent
  • Everything is subjective narrative, no objective truth
  • There are as many truths as there are narratives
  • All knowledge is ethnic, racial and gender based
  • Reason is male based tool of oppression
  • ​Science is another way of dominating people
  • Claims of scientific evidence is owner based, open to question
  • Group Identity is all,individual identity suppressed


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