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The Alt Left, Antifa (Antifascist), Social Justice Warriors (SJW) Seeking Control of Social Institutions

  • SJWs have a liberal/ progessive/ globalist/ communist/ socialist/ statist/ fascist viewpoint—favor huge, bloated, government that controls every aspect the economy and the people.
  • Antifa is a call for Radical Leftist Political Violence
  • Dan Gainor Blog on Alt Left Provides Details
  • ​Antifa uses race, politics, pop culture and confrontation to silence opposition Funds Liberal Radical Groups
  • Pelosi Condemns Antifa for Inciting Violence
  • Confederate statue, Durham NC taken down, arrests made...T Thompson, Communist, NK Supporter

The Alt Right, Not Part of Conservatism-Made up of mainly white millennials, rejects American Exceptionalism, opposes Conservatism, rejects Christianity in favor of Statism.   May be 200-300K+ people in US are Neo-Nazis, KKK, alt Right