• Rights: Society is composed of cultural identity groups with rights, denies premise that people have individual rights
  • ​America History: Challenge facts, destroy symbols, deny exceptionalism and greatness 
  • 1619 Project: Create new national narrative, displace US history with narrative of Slavery
  • Multicultural Justice: Eliminate disparity of outcomes for people, resulting in a just society 
  • Political Correctness: Suppress speech that conflicts with liberalism

​Paradigm Shift: The Tectonic Plates of our Culture are in Motion, with UNKNOWN Outcomes ... 
What the heck is going on? ​

The Culture War...Multiculturalism is An Alternative Vision of America that must be Defeated

1776 Project Rejects the narrative of 1619

For a summary of how the 1619 Project distorts our history and the Black Experience in America, click here

​Trump Alternative 

Multiculturalism is an idealogy that assaults core elements of America, consisting of the following: