We need a National Conversation about the American Patriotism Agenda  

Patriot Agenda          Liberal Concerns            Conservative Responses: address concerns of Libs
                                                         (Care, Fairness)

Empower People            -May be unfair to some                 -Enable all to make decisions about health care, 
                                      -May not be inclusive                     education, school, food choices and more that                                                  -Policy goals apply to all?               impact their quality of life                                             

Promote Lower Taxes     -Must fund social programs,         -Set priorities, find balance between needs and
                                        leave no one behind                     targeted funding, promote self-reliance
                                      -Promote inclusion for all             -Enable growing private sector, job creation, adopt

                                      -Wealthy must pay more than         fair tax policies, reduce dependency on government

                                        other taxpayers

Reduce Regulations         -Protect the environment, air      -Adopt effective level of standards that achieve goals,
                                          and water quality                      assure viability of economic activity and job creation
                                       -Restrain business from abuse of  -Support free markets, enable open competition   

                                               the marketplace, assure            - 

                                        -Protect consumer interests         -Protect consumer with safety standards

Secure Borders                ​-Provide for people seeking          -Build the wall, protect the American people
                                                asylum from strife                      -Create path for legal immigration that includes

                                        -Protect children from harm          skill based criteria, set all on a path to becoming

                                        -Welcome all no matter what        employed taxpayers

                                          demands it makes on all

                                          social services

Build Alliances                  -Gain commitments to US            -Urge nations to define their policies based upon
policies (abortion, LGBT)             their culture and values, adopt what best fits, and

                                          as conditions for aid and              The US will determine its own actions
                                          mutual support                           -Seek accountability for civil rights within every

                                         -Promote relations with other     - nation, sort out friends, allies and opponents,
                                          nations with no conditions            develop relationships that meet mutual needs

Pursue Fair Trade              -Assure favorable treatment       -Adopt trade practices that balance needs of US v

                                           of other nations since they         trading partners, assure interests American worker  

                                           are more deserving                    and consumer are protected

Defend US Interests            -C
ommit US to bear the             -Develop balance of commitments, NATO and other

                                            primary burden                         treaty resources must bear their fair share, no 

                                           -Advance Globalism                    longer America's burden alone, Fund the military to

                                                                                            serve as deterrence and fulfill commitments.  And                                                                                                  oppose Globalism by asserting and protecting                                                                                                        American sovereignty

Defend Western Values       -No policy positions                   -Advance cause of western freedoms: human rights  

                                                                                            to life and liberty, govt rules by consent of the                                                                                                      people, civil society, rule of law, and more.

                                                                                            Check here for Details on western Values.

We the people are engaged in the advancement of an Agenda:

  • Personal freedom
  • Security of our people
  • Economic freedom and
  • national security

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