For more information, check out Dr. Haidt's comments (19 minute video)

Sources of Moral Knowledge:

  • Nature: nativist, preloaded, or inspired by God (bible) or evolved moral emotions (Darwin)
  • Nurture: Empirist, learned right and wrong
  • Rationalism: we grow into it from experience, social learning

​Comments on Study Findings of Western Culture (findings in studies of other cultures will differ)

  • Liberals are concerned about suffering and need (care/harm) and want to benefit from cooperative connections with others (fairness) with minimum abuse by those who would exploit others (cheaters)
  • Conservatives agree with above, but also value Loyalty to the group, respect for relationships within social networks (society, citizen rights) and respect for social norms that promote a civil society

Our thanks and appreciation to

Dr. Jonathan Haidt for his many key concepts about Moral Views of Liberals and Conservatives 

Key Takeaways from Studies of Moral Views of Liberals and Conservatives:

  • Liberals are two dimensional, respond to issues strongly when Care/Harm or Fairness are primary
  • Conservatives are five dimensional, have less of a response to above, but more responsive to issues of Loyalty (trust), respect for duty (sanctity) as a citizen and norms that define a civil society

​The Moral Dimension of American Politics 

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