Americans and conservatives believe in the goodness of life; they believe that the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental right; they love their families and their country, and they believe that both are exceptional and deserving of their special loyalty.  Pro-active steps for all those who love America and its core beliefs in liberty, equality and freedom include:

  • Faith: Defend Religious Freedom from the powers of government, oppose moral equivalence and suppression of freedom of conscience
  • Universalism: Promote American values and interests globally, defend the nation's borders, support property rights and restoration of state rights, oppose the globalization of government
  • Social Justice: Promote free enterprise, capitalism, education reforms such as school choice and end of Common Core, and end to growth of government, oppose political correctness

Core Issue: How Do We Bring Down the left?

Social Justice: liberals believe that social justice,enforced equality to bring about equal results, trumps capitalism.  The "liberal belief in equality amounts to a rejection of a fundamental pillar of Western civilization: the belief in individual self-responsibility and the freedom to pursue opportunity in a free market.

  • Social justice is a rejection of economic liberty,
  • Is a cynical theft of assets that are the product of hard work on the part of others."  
  • Demand for income equality (phrase invented by Karl Marx) is the opposite of respect for education and hard work.  Social justice is shared misery!

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What Do Liberals (Democrats) Believe?

The evolution of liberal/Democrat beliefs has been in development for a century, reaching a maturity of ideas and attitudes today.   Details here...The system of beliefs include:

Universalism: ​all nations and cultures are equivalent, no one nation is exceptional.   Instead of america, Liberals believe in "humanity," support globalism, world courts superior to US courts, global world governance.  

Liberals reject the notion of allies and enemies, will traffic with any country, enter into agreements that are detrimental to national security (Iran treaty), the economy (TPP treaty) and open borders practices, allowing anyone into the country because we are all just people. For the left, Internationalism is the highest form of patriotism.   Universalism is the opposite of patriotism.

Faith: In a recent Pew study 28% of Democrats report that they are non- believers.  Millions are self-professed atheists or agnostics.  Liberals believe in Hashtags, mock and ridicule the power of prayer. Coupled with a growing rejection of faith and Christianity, liberals/Dems also reject capitalism, the two core beliefs of the foundation of our country.   

Liberals reject moral judgement and embrace moral equivalence.  Nothing is right or wrong, deserving of condemnation or shame.  So Radical Islam or slaughter of innocents cannot be condemned because its judgmental.  But political correctness can be enforced, imposing specific views on others, demanding compliance.