• Cherie H will coordinate efforts against Pritchard
  • Jude F and Dennis R will coordinate efforts re T. Khouri as well as any KCP support for primary period of election cycle
  • True the Vote efforts in IL
  • ​St. Charles Bridge Demo, October cancelled, need re-schedule date
  • Constitution Presentation, ten hours of sessions for total content.  KCP owns two copies of dvd sets

Action Plans.

  • Americans For Prosperity
  • Bill & Mike met with Rachelle Crawford with AFP to find ways to work together, will report to group
  • Core Group Assignments
  • Monthly Meetings Plan
  • Arcada Presentation, 2018
  • ​​Candidate support.

Website Status: Front page:

  • First tier Panels: Current events
  • ​Second tier panels: Our core freedoms, the narratives of the opposition, and the field of battle

Illinois Page

  • Updated...Note links to articles on bankruptcy
  • Proft session with Adam A, Steve Tucker slated for February 2018

Pending/Closed Items.

  • KCP meetings @ American Legion post are suspended while we seek a venue.  Core group meeting to be scheduled.  All email to group driven by Mary B and Mike F.
  • ​School Choice Presentation, targeting parents in three local districts, using venue of library setting

  •  Assignments for specific roles, with intent that each person will be the SME, keep group up to date:
  •    Defense: Pete M
  •    Website, National Politics: Bill B
  •    Constitution: Mary B, MIke F
  • ​   Education: Cherie H, Bill B
  •    Election Integrity, Secretary: Dennis R
  •    Letters to Editor, Officials: Ron P
  • ​   Programs: Kerri R, Mary B
  •    Coordination of Primary efforts: Judy F, Dennis R
  • Coordinate with Carrie Miller program
  • Met C Englebrecht, working on connection to get KCP engaged
  • Need to find ways to cull Kane Co.voter records
  • C series planned for January 2018 in St. Charles, see Constitution page for details
  • American Legion sessions concluded 11-6​
  • Promotion of event included ad in St. Patrick bulletin, email blast to AL membership, handouts

Rauner Updates:

  • Signs SB 40, taxpayer funding of abortions for state employees and medicaid recipients
  • Signs SB 31, expanding Chicago sanctuary city policy to entire state of IL
  • Signs bill to automatically register DMV customers on voter rolls, making IL one of ten states, no apparent checks on citizenship
  • Signs bill decriminalizing use of (10 oz) marijuana, fine v misdemeanor
  • ​Candidate Screening
  • No success finding presenter, renew effort in fall (Bill B)