"We are a People with a Government, not the other way around."  President Reagan 

We the People will determine our destiny as a Nation

Major Drivers of 2017 National Agenda

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Major Drivers of the 2016 Election 

Conservatives and Tea Party activists worked for seven+ years to remove the reins of government from the control of liberal extremists, today's Democrat Party.  

We the people believe in the essential greatness of America, a nation that is daily created and nourished by the people, not government.   Given the core freedoms enshrined in our Constitution and The Declaration of Independence, we support policy goals that champion both personal and economic freedom, as well as a debt free future for our country.   Let's hold officials accountable!

Patriotism: when love of your own people comes first.   Nationalism is when hatred of people not your own comes first...Charles de Gaulle