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But we always have Chicago!   

​Can We close Illinois, end the Financial misery?

​More Illinois Resources:

  • To Keep informed about IL, go to IL Policy Institute
  • For In-depth coverage of IL Financial Crisis, go to Wirepoints
    • ​Key findings in recent report from Wirepoints are IL state employees
      • rank # 2 in pay in nation, behind NJ
      • Have gained pay increases of 43% in past ten years while gains for taxpayers are 11%
  • For help with Voting, go to Illinois Family Action
  • For Reports on IL, click here
  • For information about resources so you can get involved, try here

Illinois has one path forward: Bankruptcy!

Here's what Politicians willing to lead could do:

  • ​Re-Write IL Constitution, reduce Benefits for future workers
  • Negotiate with Unions to reduce overall costs
  • ​Move debt back to school districts and other sources of problem, require local solutions
  • ​Spread the debt out over decades
  • ​Develop legislation path to Bankruptcy
  • ​Lay off state employees, rehire with 401k plans, end fixed benefit plans
  • Consolidate County,local municipal govt services, save $

​​​Illinois: Poster Child for Political Corruption

IllINOIS: Land of Lincoln

Illinois in financial crisis: