Clinton Foundation: Pay to Play on Steroids!

Hillary Clinton's History Highlights, Part 2

For a Summary of Hillary's Service as Secretary of State, Go to our Political Scandals, Foreign Policy Section

​Hillary Clinton History of Misconduct, Lies and Incompetence....Part I (2000 to present)

Clinton Email- FBI Completes Criminal Investigation: Key Findings

  • Hillary Careless, Negligent, but No Intent to Do Harm, No Charges Filed
    • Statements about Investigation, other issues False
    • Used Multiple Devices, Compounding the Security Failures
    • Use of Personal Server less Secure than Use of Google Account
    • Very Likely that Personal Server has been Hacked

The Clinton Dynasty, Act II... Good Grief!

Many of us were hoping that the Dems would imitate the Reps, who disposed of Jeb Bush, and end the era of the Clintons.   Instead, we are subjected once again to the Clinton circus coming back to town!   Yes, the Clintons' want to "get the band back together," subject us to serial scandal and sleaze for four more years. For the record, the Clinton era of political scandals and crony capitalism needs to be presented to enable voters to fully understand who Hillary is and what she brings to the next four years of our nation's saga.

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