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  • One or more Supreme Court Justices would be in place, liberal activists, tilting the court to liberalism for decades

  • An Economy that moves laterally at 1.5%+ range growth, like the Obama years, no rationale in play for a growth economy.  Private sector sales and profits would struggle to maintain, perhaps a flat-lined stock market as well, negatively impacting 401(k)s and savings of Americans

  • Corporate Tax policies and regulations would stay in place or grow, making the US an expensive and difficult country to do business, maintaining the outflow of jobs from the US, and weakening the capacity of US businesses to effectively compete in world markets​

  • Obamacare is the law of the land, single payer government care on a fast track to take over health care in America

  • Promotion and aggressive funding of Common Core across the land, lowering education standards to improve school test results, giving bragging rights to teacher unions and politicians of both parties

  • Federal Bailouts of “bankrupt” blue states such as Illinois and California, keeping such states blue

  • Federal Budget deficits would continue, coupled with growth in National Debt given the commitment to relentlessly grow government

  • Open Borders, token enforcement of our immigration laws, American citizens at risk of violent crime from M-13 and other criminal elements, sanctuary cities continue to protect illegals from any Federal action

  • The Department of Energy (DOE) would grow all green energy programs, punish coal and oil producing energy resources using tax and regulatory measures, assuring high costs of all energy for consumers and energy dependence  for the nation

  • The EPA would expand its actions to enforce its regulatory power over every frog pond on every farm in America, controlling how and what a farmer or any property owner can do with his/her own property, and grow its book of regulations impacting every facet of American business endeavors

  • The DOJ would expand the federal “war on Freedom of Conscience”  with expanding definition of “gender,” its enforcement of LGBT rights versus Christian values, determining what Christian beliefs are allowed that are aligned with the LGBT agenda, suing citizens for any denial of services that offends the LGBT community

  • Foreign powers, both friendly and adversarial, would capitalize on weak, feckless US policies to advance their interests, making the world a more dangerous place as nations such as Iran and North Korea become full-fledged nuclear powers, while allies make decisions about how to defend their interests as lone actors, unable to rely on a rudderless US​.  And China?  Would Hillary stand up for America V China's goals for world domination?

​Most importantly, the weaponization of agencies of the government (DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA) to seek an overthrow of an elected President would never have come to light in a Clinton Administration.  At some point in time, if justice prevails, one or more of the principals in the scheme to destroy the Trump Presidency will be held accountable:

  • FBI Director Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton                                      for use of unsecure email server and oversaw                                        the use of the DOJ and FBI to investigate                                              candidate and then President Trump as well as                                      appointment of Special Prosecutor (Mueller) to                                      further the collusion with Russia hoax

  • Attorney General Lynch for collusion to stop/impede                            proceedings against Hillary Clinton and email scandal                            as well as any oversight role in the Russia hoax

  • Agency Directors Brennan (CIA) and Clapper (NSA)                                for use of surveillance powers of government to                                    illicitly monitor a political campaign and presidency

  • FBI agents Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Susan                                    Page and others who engaged in covert operations                              to spy on and bring down the Trump Presidency   

  • The “unmasking” of names of hundreds of                                            individuals in classified documents by Samantha                                    Power, Susan Rice and others for political purposes                                in violation of the rights of private citizens. 

​​What if Hillary Clinton Won?

The election of 2016 was both historic and consequential.  Our nation was at a crossroads and many of us are grateful that the voters chose a path that offers hope for securing the benefits of our system of freedom and democracy for our children and future Americans.  

We are all well-aware of the total failure of polling operations that completely missed the election results.   In hindsight, there was one poll that correlated with the election outcome.     For decades, Rasmussen Reports has polled registered voters monthly, asking: “Is the country headed in the right direction, or wrong direction?”  For seven+ years, the monthly poll results were about 60-65% wrong direction.   In November 2016, Rasmussen  conducted post-election polling to capture information on how people voted versus their view of the direction        of the country.   Rasmussen reported:

  • 35% of voters thought the country was headed in right direction, 90% of them voted for Hillary Clinton

  • 65% of voters thought the country was headed in wrong direction, almost 80% of them voted for Trump

Today we have a President with a 45% range approval rating, but one who is acting out his agenda.  But let's speculate about a Clinton presidency.  Consider where we might be if Hillary Clinton won:

​We the people have chosen a path forward that rejects the policies of a Hillary Clinton administration.  President Trump speaks frequently about his commitment to the people who elected him, along with his total commitment to the agenda he promoted throughout his campaign.  Let us continue to support him, especially in his efforts to “drain the swamp” of Federal government.

Bill Broderick

Kane County Patriots

March, 2020