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  • Clinton campaign team were completely out of
  • touch with the opinions of voters
  • Trump campaign team were fully in tune with the
  • public opinion polls,ran a campaign focused on
  • the issues the people cared about:
    • ​MAGA
    • America First
    • Fair Trade
    • Drain the Swamp
    • ​Build the Wall

​In the fall of 2016, a number of opinion polls on various issues prior to the election are highly informative about what Americans were thinking at that time.  Granted, hindsight is almost always 20/20, but here's a recap of key findings that illustrate that the "center of gravity" of the voting public was not aligned with the media driven narrative of the Clinton landslide.  The data should have been a series of flashing red lights for the Clinton campaign, but was clearly ignored since all they cared about was polls about voting.  But the Trump campaign ran on these issues and won.

Polls noted reported majorities of voters had highly negative views of politicians and the two ruling parties (80%+ negatives) as well as the power of the special interest groups versus the interests of the nation

​The voters reported dissatisfaction with the lack of opportunity (only 10% believed there was equality of same) and

  • Demanded commitments to restore democracy, the rule of law (87%) and
  • Engage in the struggle to restore the place of the people versus the elites (67%)

​Right Track, Wrong Track Polls

For about a decade, monthly surveys by Rasmussen were consistent in their findings that about 60-65% of people surveyed believed the country was headed in the wrong direction, while 30-35% believed that all was well.   If a clear majority of voters were not confident about the future direction of the country, what is the rationale for voting for Hillary?   Hillary campaigned as Obama's third term!

Rasmussen Poll results for late July, 2018 is Right Direction 42%, Wrong Direction 54%.  The polls for Wrong Direction broke below 60% about six months ago, for the first time in over a decade, and continue trending down.   For all of 2016, the monthly trend for Right Direction was in the mid-20s % range.

In related polls Caddell and Associates reported high numbers of dissatisfied voters on issues of trade, border control, wage stagnation, the general decline of the US and more, noted in the summary.


Polls in Fall of 2016 foretold collapse of Clinton Campaign

Two Key Takeaways from Polls, Fall 2016

The Agenda of the Voters

Politicians, Special Interests