Continue....(end of Slavery, serfdom, Plus Free Press world wide)

Capitalism has produced the highest standard of living and incomes in the Free, "Age of Reason" countries, including late adapters such as Japan

  • Positive correlation between Income, Health
  • ‚ÄčNote upper right area of map, mainly free countries

Progress in the Natural Sciences (farming, medicine, housing,water quality, sanitation) produced results:

  • Life expectancy in the 1800's was age forty, doubled in 200 years.  Note life expectancy in 1000 AD was mid 20's age
  • Since 1950, average income per person has tripled world wide, with Capitalism as the major driver of the global economy 

Western Civilization is the major Driver of Modern Life...Here is what we got right  

Capitalism Reduced Poverty Globally, from 40% in 1990 to 10% today.  Majority of world population will reach middle class status in 2020.

For Deeper Understanding of Drop in Global Poverty, Here's how China Leads the Way...

The Enlightenment and Age of Reason Changed the Arc of History:

  • Individualism: God given rights to life and liberty defines sovereignty of the person over the group and the state, enabling rights and protections, commitment to rule of law
  • Govt rules by consent of the people
  •    Freedom of speech: thought, belief, opinion           and expression
  •    Freedom of Religion: Govt is silent on matters         of faith
  • Capitalism: Individuals responsible for life, free to pursue own goals, reap the benefits of their labor
  • Industrial Revolution: Machine Age launched the modern era
  • Natural sciences:Use reason, observation and Scientific Method to discover nature, expand knowledge, enable major gains, improve daily life 

Advancement of Freedom and Democracy

For centuries, Freedom has been fought for and defended.  Today, 9.9% of humanity live in free countries, with 34% in authoritarian regimes, the rest in mix of both