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  • Negative Filtering: see only negatives of events,issues
  • Discounting Positives: Minimize success

Partial List from Treatment Plans and Interventions for Depression and Anxiety Disorders 

  • Overgeneralizing: one example, broad conclusion
  • Catastrophizing: Imagine worst possible outcome, act
  • Emotional Reasoning: Feelings guide view of reality
  • Virtue Signaling: Conspicuous expression of moral values with intent to enhance personal standing.
  • Labeling: Assign global negative traits to self, others
  • Blaming: Identify other as source of negative feelings, absolve self
  • Binary Thinking: View events in "all or nothing" terms
  • Mind Reading: Assuming to know what someone is thinking

Understanding the Psyche of Liberals/ Democrats

Six Behaviors provide insight into how Liberals process and assess information, form a world view and act on the basis of those views:

  • ​Projection: Attributing beliefs or views to others while denying same of oneself