Democrats Built a Garden, and Trump is the Wrecking Ball!

I recently went to a movie with my grandson to see “Peter Rabbit,” a fun film, well done. Peter engages in his epic battle with Mr. McGregor in the Garden.  But the story is really all about access to free stuff, no need for trivial concerns like property rights, or payment for work done, but all in for animal rights!  No idea what the reviews are, but the movie brought the past decade of actions and current plight of the Democratic party to mind.   (Segue alert!)

Consider the Obama era, when Democrats held the national stage, offering grandiose ideas of their vision of a more perfect American society.  Working within the four secure walls of their Garden, composed of:

  • A belief system driven by Liberal ideology,
  • Tepid opposition,
  • A majority of people willing to suspend disbelief, and
  • An adoring media,

Democrats gave us their vision of America’s Garden:

  • Social Welfare:We can run the meter on food stamps, Disability and other programs, set new records for spending, because we care and we can!
  • Obamacare: We can increase coverage by one third, lower family costs by $2500 per year, and you can keep your Doctor!
  • National Defense: We can cut military spending, make America stronger by leading from behind!
  • Foreign Policy:We can push away our reliable allies, embrace our opponents, placate our enemies, since all cultures are equal, America’s values are no better than any other, and we will take the lead in the march to the Globalist, one world government!
  • Domestic Spending:We can run massive deficits for years, double the national debt, all without any pain!
  • Fourth branch of Government:We can grow the reach and enforcement powers of sixty+ government agencies, take control of every facet of the economy and still get 3-5% growth per year!
  • Social policiesWe can enact a broad range of policies to expand rights of LGBT, such as same sex marriage, enforce compliance with the LGBT agenda, impacting traditional marriage and family,  adoption, freedom of religion and association, as well as long-standing social norms
  • Immigration: We can allow anyone across our southern border, then seek citizenship for many people now in the country illegally, demonize anyone who opposes the effort
  • Vote Integrity: We can oppose all efforts to verify right to vote of voters on the rolls, challenge every reform effort as racist, engage in vote fraud without consequence
  • Energy Policy: We can limit production of energy sources we do not approve (coal, oil, nuclear), promote other sources (solar, wind) and keep prices low!
  • Enforcement Powers of DOJ, FBI:We can use the powers of government to surveil our opponents, allege wrong-doing, publicly charge individuals resulting in severe financial and personal costs, and proclaim righteousness as enforcers of the law!

And the Democrats looked upon their Garden of works and pronounced it good!  Needless to say, every loyal Democrat would deny all of the above characterizations,  reject anything that would cast their politics in a negative light, and would likely attack and demonize anyone for making such comments!

Over the past decade Democrats created and controlled their own reality within the secure walls of their beliefs, never questioning whether the country shared their commitments.   As we approached the 2016 elections, apparently the “walls” were so thick that no ideas or alternate views from outside the walls ever clouded their vision or troubled their world view.  The Garden was secure.

The Democrats were so confident of their world view and

support of the people that they selected a candidate from

their roster of Identity Politics pols, Hillary Clinton, who,

if elected, would guarantee the Garden would be protected

and expanded. 

Then Donald Trump happened!    The four secure walls and the

Garden of the Democrat/Liberal world are facing the wrecking

ball, steadily broken and dismantled.  The policy positions

noted are being reversed or deleted, brick by brick, ripped up

plant by plant, weed by weed.   The world of the Democrats has

been laid flat for all to see from outside those walls where so

many Americans dwell, many of whom are deeply troubled by

the direction of the country set by Democrats over the past decade.

So Democrats, once complacent within the confines of their “Garden,” have been cast out of the Garden and have quickly descended into total chaos since the election of 2016.  

The full-throated disorder and chaos of the party is on display every day, such as:

  • The “We Hate Trump” mantra is non-stop, no moderation or compromise allowed, aided and abetted by a corrupt media
  • Any moderate voice in the party is stifled, dismissed as not sufficiently opposed to the Trump agenda (Diane Feinstein, Leftist, S-CA, latest victim)
  • The far left party representatives are the most outspoken critics to all changes advocated by the Trump team,  and are the faces of the party today
  • Wall to wall opposition to the Trump agenda on all issues is the mantra of the party at federal, state and local levels, with sanctuary cities, refusal to even negotiate DACA, rejection of tax cuts, and more
  • The party elitists are lashing out in anger, frustration and dismay at the turn of events that has diminished the powers of the party at federal, state and local levels.

The party is now lost in the wilderness of its liberal, leftist ideology.   

There is no evidence the party is developing positive messages for

growth, national security, jobs or any domestic program that makes

life in America better.    So what steps will the party take to restore

their vision of order, push back against the chaos and re-build a

national party?   The new, or final (?) chapter, of the Democratic

Party will be written over the next two election cycles. 

WooHoo!   Can’t wait for the sequel of the 2016 Election!

Bill Broderick

Kane County Patriots

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