So What States Are Managing Budgets Well?

​In a study of state economies reported by Investors Business Daily, the best-run states have enough cash to pay its current bills, enough revenue coming in to meet its fiscal year needs, a cushion for economic shocks, and management long-term liabilities.   Of the top 25 states, three are liberal leaning, the rest are Red states.   Details...   For more on States solving problems of taxes, regulations and more...Details

Debt, Deficits: US debt is out of control. We are covering 60% of monthly new debt by printing money, since major nations (EU, Japan, China) are withdrawing from the US market for US bonds and debt. We need to change- otherwise, we will get where we are going!  Support candidates who advocate less federal or state spending and balanced budgets.  As the chart prepared by the Heritage Foundation, relying upon data from the Congressional Budget Office illustrates, the US economy pays a price for out of control debt over coming decades, reducing both the standard of living and career opportunities for the next generations of Americans.   A heads UP!   There is a plan to reverse the vector of our debt and economic decline.    For more information, click here.

EU Study Confirms negative correlation of size of government, growth of economies

A study by OECD that compares overall government revenues with growth of economies, finding that, as Figure 7-9 reports, growth is slower as government gets bigger.   As the report indicates, growth of economies is maximized when government is less than 25% versus GDP.   Details...

Obama, 2008: Raising the National Debt is Unpatriotic!

Heritage Report

EU Study of size of government, growth