​Political Correctness...

Political correctness (PC) is a pejorative term used to condemn language, actions, or policies seen as being excessively calculated to not offend or disadvantage any particular group of people in society.  For background on the origins of PC, details.    Issues:

So Where are We on Race Issues in America?

​Shelby Steele, author of "White Guilt and the End of the Civil Rights Movement," stated:

-"Racism is no longer a barrier to anyone's life. 
-"By acknowledging America's past history of racism, white Americans lost moral authority. 

-"Black leadership and citizens have been sometimes too quick to exploit events as racist, playing the "race card" to assert their moral authority.

-"White guilt is a powerful force, not because people feel guilty, but because people are stigmatized, have to prove the negative all the time. 

It's all about the stigma of racist, not the credibility of the charge.  Despite enormous progress, charges of Racism will continue to be exploited for political gain, to assert power over people and institutions.

-A related topic is the false notion of White Privilege.

Same Sex Marriage

​The Supreme Court has ruled.  State governments will enforce performance of SSM ceremonies.  What are the consequences for those who exercise their rights to freedom of conscience and refuse to perform SSM? Justice Alito argued that the SSM issue was best resolved by the states, not a federal matter.  Justice Thomas argued the government must not infringe upon the rights of the individual, and does not have the power to do so in matters of marriage.  Some potential consequences:

The Culture War....

We the people formed an economic system that respects and honors hard work, risk-taking, dedication, and effort, hopefully enabling each participant with equal opportunities to fulfill his/her destiny.   No guarantees of equal outcomes, but opportunity that could produce rewards. That proposition enabled our country, over several centuries, to grow and foster an economic system (Capitalism) that lifted more people from poverty than any other system in history.  Now we are engaged in a battle to protect and advance this system against a formidable adversary.  The American Left, anti-capitalist, anti-American, is engaged in a relentless, multi-front effort to change America from its core culture and values to a country that looks more like Socialist Europe. We have to concede that they have gained more ground in transforming our nation than anyone dreamed possible, even the most ardent Leftists.  So the battle is joined.   Are the forces that unite us strong enough to stand against the forces that seek to divide us?  Here are the essential issues of interest in the battle to defend and protect our culture.    

The Ruling Class v the American People...We Must Win!

Angelo Codevilla, wrote “The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It.”  Cliff Notes Version here.  Some key insights:
The Ruling Class, less than 10% of the country, controls both political parties, all three branches of government, the media, has allies in US and global financial and corporate communities, is enabled by one third of the country who depend upon it such as public sector staff. Core beliefs in their own superiority, fitness to rule, acquisition of power and equality of results enforced by government .

The Country Class, the “silent majority” who believe in American Exceptionalism, with commitments to faith, family, community and country. Visible examples include the Tea Party, plus hundreds of conservative groups working actively to push back against the Ruling Class and government.
Mission: “There is only one way to defeat the Ruling Class-attack its credibility on all issues until the critical mass of Americans stop listening and supporting its dictates.”  We need a Ruling Class that is terrified of the voters!

For more details (Reader alert-long articles!): Article on Alliance of Dem and Rep parties to share rule of us, and How the Ruling Class achieves its goals

Faith and Religion Under Siege by Government

Christianity is the prevailing religion of a majority of Americans, with 78% of Americans citing one of the faiths as their own. Details...

Over the past decades, the ACLU and its allies have led lawsuits that have removed prayer, Bible reading, and the Ten Commandments from schools, courthouses across the nation, struck down prayer at school football games, prohibited religious involvement in government programs, invalidated aid to certain private schools because they might be religious, held unconstitutional scholarships that may be used for religious education, removed Christmas displays from hundreds of sites. The list goes on and on.    Details...

-33 Examples of Intolerance from Liberals...

-The Radical Left, LGBT Assault on Christianity​​ is accelerating..

-Government is the new secular religion.   Details...

-Faith Leaders need to speak out on Moral Issues of our time

-Religious liberty is under siege.  Details...

-​US Christians Keep the Faith!

Planned Parenthood:​ Abortion on Demand Chop Shop?

The data is available: over 300k abortions per year, funded in part by $500M in taxpayer dollars.  Now we learn that fetus organ tissues are harvested and sold, a morally depraved action.

Over forty years ago, Roe v Wade was a Supreme Court decision that removed the abortion issue from the hands of the voters and decided for the country that it was legal in all fifty states.  Now we live with the consequences.  Per Charles Krauthammer, this is an issue for 2016.

As Lincoln noted, when the people surrender their right to govern themselves to the court, we are less free.  As of early August, about 70% of the American public has not heard about PP and sale of fetal body parts, thanks to a largely successful media blackout.   Time to Heal?