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​Our Core Freedoms and the Narratives of the Opposition

Fake News and the Survival of Truth

So Where are We on Race Issues in America?

​Shelby Steele, author of "White Guilt and the End of the Civil Rights Movement," stated:

-"Racism is no longer a barrier to anyone's life. 
-"By acknowledging America's past history of racism, white Americans lost moral authority. 

-"Black leadership and citizens have been sometimes too quick to exploit events as racist, playing the "race card" to assert their moral authority.

-"White guilt is a powerful force, not because people feel guilty, but because people are stigmatized, have to prove the negative all the time. 

It's all about the stigma of racist, not the credibility of the charge.  Despite enormous progress, charges of Racism will continue to be exploited for political gain, to assert power over people and institutions.

-A related topic is the false notion of White Privilege.

Meet Candace Owens, Conservative Rock Star!

​​The Culture War....

We the people formed an economic system that respects and honors hard work, risk-taking, dedication, and effort, hopefully enabling each participant with equal opportunities to fulfill his/her destiny.   No guarantees of equal outcomes, but opportunity that could produce rewards. That proposition enabled our country, over several centuries, to grow and foster an economic system (Capitalism) that lifted more people from poverty than any other system in history.  

Now we are engaged in a battle to protect and advance this system against a formidable opponent.  The American Left, anti-capitalist, anti-American, is engaged in a relentless, multi-front effort to change America from its core culture and values to a country that looks more like Socialist Europe.  So the battle is joined.   Are the forces that unite us strong enough to stand against the forces that seek to divide us?  Here are the essential issues of interest in the battle to defend and protect our culture.