Tax Breaks

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Summary of the Issues and Solutions Going Forward

  • ​Restore trust between Congress and the American people by making the legislative process open and transparent.
  • Reject crony capitalist policies that use government power to enrich elites at the expense of everyone else.
  • Pass a budget that balances in ten years without gimmicks, doesn’t raise taxes, and repeals Obamacare.
  • Don’t just cut spending for government programs, reform them.
  • Let committees reclaim their traditional role in crafting legislation.     Details...


Lobbyists Shape, Influence Federal Government Actions

​Crony Capitalism

"...refers to the cozy relationship between big government and big business and the policies that result, benefiting favored industries or companies (“picking winners and losers,”).        Details...   More...  Crony Capitalism costs taxpayers over $100B a year, per Cato Institute. Three types of crony capitalism: 

​Direct Spending and Subsidies to Favored Groups