Islam Lesson Plans Part of Common Core Curriculum.

"Muslim Brotherhood front groups, such as CAIR, have been, and continue to be, integrally involved in the development of Common Core curriculum. They make sure a false picture of Islam is integrated into lessons, from K – 12. Our children are exposed to all manner of “educational” activities that amount to Islamic propaganda, which is now endemic in the school system.   Details...   Curriculum Highlights: 

Who is behind Common Core?

Some leaders are speaking out...

Common Core: Sold With Lies and Deceit

..."Common Core tends to attract governors, like Jeb Bush, from very poorly performing states, because its merely average standards represent an improvement from their perspective.  Some governors may even like the idea of dumbing down top-notch states to a mediocre mean. It makes their home states look better by comparison! 

Progressive supporters of Common Core operate on the same principle: a misguided notion of social justice that seeks to cancel out the educational achievement gap. By aiming for a merely average level of achievement, they can raise up low-performing students (often poor and minorities), while reducing the number of students who perform far better."   Details...

How Are Our Schools Doing?

In a recent report on performance of America's Schools,  "Results of the 'Nation's Report Card' released this week by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) show that only 18% of 8th-graders are 'proficient' or above in US history, and only 23% are proficient in civics."   For the full report, click here.   States that rushed into CC are struggling with costs.  For update, click here

Common Core: The federalization of education standards, eliminating state and local school board control of curriculum in exchange for funds.  Standards set in math and other curricula are lower overall, with limited knowledge of US history and related topics.  Student records  include medical history of student and their family members, as well as family issues (gun ownership, voting, church attendance and more), eliminating all personal and family privacy.   Details... More Details...  Damage will last for Years.   And the top 10 reasons to oppose Common Core are...