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​The Ruling Class  Angelo Codevilla

​Who Depends on Who?

The Ruling class has sought for decades to re-define the role of Congress to more of a Parliament role, able to enhance the powers of govt and the Ruling class while diminishing the role and powers of the citizenry.  In today’s Administrative state, bureaucrats make, enforce and adjudicate nearly all the rules of govt agencies, independent of the acts of Congress that created same.   As discretionary powers of officeholders and their entourages have grown, the importance of policy and the law itself has declined.  

Disaggregating and Dispiriting

Our Rulers identify science and reason with themselves and delegitimize opposition.  major issues for the Ruling class to diminish in order to enhance the role of the state include free exercise of faith beliefs and the family unit.  Religion is deemed a divisive force, encourages social prejudices, is judgmental and exclusionary.  The LGBT movement demands compliance with its agenda versus any faith beliefs of individuals.     Ruling class wants direct access to children, is an enabler of any societal change the diminishes the role of the family to enhance the role of the state.  Parents cannot object to curriculums that conflict with their family values, may face obstacles for plans to homeschool their children, and may not even be informed if a daughter is sent to an abortion clinic

Regarding the use of US military, the Ruling class supports long drawn out conflicts in areas that may have no national interests of the US but furthers its notions of “changing hearts and minds” in areas such as Iraq, Syria and elsewhere.  The Country class never signed on for such an agenda.

Perhaps an axiom that fits the Ruling class is the words of the Pharisee in the Temple: “Lord, I thank thee that I am not like other men.”

Our Ruling class is not like the rest of America.  For them America is a work in progress and they are the engineers.

What about the Country Class?

Today’s ruling class was formed by an educational system that exposed them to the same ideas and gave them remarkably uniform guidance as well as tastes and habits.  Social canons of judgments about good and evil, using the right words all create a badge of identity and lay out a path forward for building careers entirely within govt.  The people v the ruling class are divided.  Democrat politicians are the prime legitimate representatives of the ruling class.  So the ruling class is represented by a third of the country, while two thirds, the “country class” are outside their perview. 

While Europeans are accustomed to being ruled by presumed betters whom they distrust, the American people’s realization of being ruled like Europeans shocked this country into well-nigh revolutionary attitudes. ​

​The Ruling Class

The Progressive movement emerged during the Roosevelt era and has been with us ever since, evolving into the Ruling class we see today.  Govt by the elites became the norm.

 The ruling class is diverse, but the differences between the Bushes, Clintons and Obamas are one of degree, not kind.  The primary beneficiaries of globalization are the ruling class (bank bailouts, tax breaks, lobbying successes, non-profits, NGOs) are dependent upon govt to varying degrees.  Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the Ruling class considers itself to be the best and brightest of our society, destined to rule and all they need is a compliant country class, a bunch of retrograde, racist, dysfunctional people who need to be constrained.  Example of the view is Obama’s comment about the commoners “clinging to their God and guns.”

The Agenda: Power

The Ruling class lays claim to intellectual and moral superiority, but exercises its power through patronage and favors.  Like the Left wing machine it is, it provides tangible rewards for its members, dedicated to finding problems and developing solutions that grow the govt.   Laws codify how some people will be treated unequally versus others, as in get more.  The Health care bill favored some states over others, gave preferences to some parts of the industry providers, etc.  The bailout of financial industry included grants of major stakes in the auto industry to labor unions.  The ethanol industry is a product of govt rules, as is the green energy resources of windmills and solar power.  All lead to more power for the Ruling class.