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Tier II:​​

Human Rights: Violations of basic human rights in China include:                                        

  • Christianity  in China has been co-opted by the Party.  An estimated 100M Chinese worship in private, with access to principles of the faith, but at great personal risk if discovered.  Over 60000 churches sanctioned by the government preach messages about the faith that are approved, omit key elements of the faith, and teach loyalty to Communism and the party.  Church services outside of the govt. sanctioned resources are forbidden.
  • Over one million (Muslim) Uyghers detained in camps in China, often forced into factory labor (Nike, Apple, dozens of top brand Products).  
  • Use of child labor continues to be a practice of China factories, an estimated 8-11 million children under age 14 are working in factories today.

Surveillance: China has an estimated 500-600 million cameras for tracking the people.  A portion of the technology includes facial recognition capacity, useful in monitoring crowds of demonstrators with potential identification of citizens from social media sources, putting them at risk for arrest and prosecution.  

  • A corollary to surveillance is a new program, a social credit system that compels citizens to conduct themselves in ways that enable the government to grant punishments and rewards based upon behaviors.

Food production: It takes 300M people working the farms to feed 1.3B people.  Keeping people on the farms is a government challenge since better lifestyle options are in the cities. 

  • Mandatory residence in farm communities, no relocation allowed. 
  • Food quality is a national problem.  Recently, 60% of consumers surveyed were very concerned about food quality and public health.
  • Global Food Survey Index ranked China as 40th out of 113 countries for food quality and safety, and surveys of the Chinese people note that 80% are upset about food safety.
  • 19.4% of arable farmland is so contaminated by chemical and water pollutants, it has been removed from agriculture production.
  • Despite enormous efforts in farm production, China imports up to 10% or more in food products to meet needs of the people.

Environment: China leads the world in air and water pollution problems on a disastrous scale: 

  • China’s environmental agency stated that 60% of underground water and 33% of above ground water in China is not fit for human contact.    Major problems are toxic industrial and human waste.
  • Air pollution includes coal burning furnaces for production of electricity, industry and auto emissions, unhealthy levels of ozone and other particulates.  China is world’s deadliest nation (per WHO) for air pollution.   Lung cancer is leading cause of death in China. 

Media Management:

Pro-China narratives are drafted and submitted to media outlets at local and regional levels throughout the west and Asia, advancing ideas and information favorable to China, and/or discrediting any negative information.  Examples:

Hong Kong Protests: Over the past year, China has been partially successful in blunting the news about the worst aspects of coverage of Hong Kong demonstrations, portraying China’s efforts to restore order versus the unruly masses and their conduct.

 Corona Virus: Narratives have focused on blaming the west, such as USA or Italy as sources of the virus, deflecting all blame for same from China.  To date, the Chinese regime has not taken any responsibility for the outbreak of the virus and is in denial about the premise that it originated in Wuhan province.  

All things considered, China is a bad actor on the global stage. 

Given the scope of issues outlined that China presents today, (human rights abuses, citizen surveillance, environment and more) where do we go from here?

 For Ideas on Next Steps to respond to the Serial/Multiple Trangressions of China, click here