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​5th amendment: Due Process


Trump Admin:

Our Constitution Is About Us As a Nation!

10th Amendment: Powers not Delegated to Fed Govt Reserved to States

2nd amendment:

To Keep and Bear Arms


​​We the people are the heirs of the ideas and concepts of self-government created by the Framers of our Constitution several centuries ago. And that creation has shaped our nation into the exceptional country that we love and respect. 

The Bill of Rights, Amendments to our Constitution

The Bill of Rights, ten amendments to the Constitution, were drafted and passed to secure the blessings of liberty of the people versus the powers of the government.  The first ten amendments address issues of personal liberty, such as freedom of speech and religion, as well as legal security of person and property to prevent abuse of power by government, and reserves all authority not assigned to the Federal government to the states.   Under the prior Administration, government was actively engaged in a broad range of actions that encroach upon the rights of the people.  Times have changed and the government has retreated on a broad front of policies that restrained freedom of the people.  

​First Amendment Freedoms:

4th Amendment: security of Person, Goods and Home