Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)

We can borrow the tactics of the American Marxists to push back against entities that support Marxism, BLM, Antifa and other anti-American social resources.

            Boycotts involve withdrawing support of corporations (NFL?  Nike?) big tech, Hollywood, cultural and academic institutions that promote or fund Marxist movements

            Divestment campaigns pressure banks, local and state governments, religious institutions and pension funds to withdraw investments in entities that support Marxist movements

            Sanctions campaigns pressure state and local governments to end taxpayer subsidies and other forms of support for institutions with ties to Marxist movements.

One resource for BDS efforts is https/   For help with making claims against federal or state government, try https//

FOIA Requests at Federal and state levels to get information

The Federal government and each state have procedures for filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to gain insight into potential issues that could be converted to the BDS process.  Is Critical Race Theory, Critical Gender Theory or 1619 project being taught in your school district?



At the community level, grade schools and high schools have faculty and school boards making multiple decisions about curriculum content, teaching priorities and methods for same, budgets, teacher credentialing as well as classroom standards for students.   Each school district has a board that usually meets for public discussion and comment.  Create a local and vocal presence, attend open meetings and voice your concerns.   Two resources for help are the Legal Insurrection and Parents Defending Education websites

At the college level, parents and students have opportunities to express their views and withhold tuition money or donations if they find a Marxist agenda on campus.   State legislatures have done little to nothing to deal with colleges funded with taxpayer dollars.  Issues to raise could be the imbalance of faculty (majority left wing) versus a more balanced staff, perhaps challenging the tenure practice and end lifetime job security and encourage oversight of what is happening in the classrooms on campus.  It should be noted that, given the success in teaching Marxism on campus, the motives of Biden and others to forgive college tuition loans and offer free college education are understandable.  They want more activists!



Many US companies, big tech, and professional sports teams have evaluated the political terrain in our country and chosen a side.  The Democrat party acquired massive funds from the business community while much less was given to the Republican candidates.  Many companies have allied themselves with BLM and CRT, setting up internal programs for employees to deal with their “white privilege” and seek forgiveness.   At the same time, many of these companies turn a blind eye at Communist China and its genocidal practices.  Human rights violations (organ transplant harvesting) and slave labor are ignored as the factories hum along.  Nothing to see here!

Instead, we can use the BDS practices to oppose such companies that take the other side.  We can stop buying products, encourage family and friends to do the same, use social media to provide information about company practices that are not acceptable.  Another option is to attend a board meeting and voice concerns about issues.   Free Enterprise Project (FEP) is a resource for engaging corporate CEOs and boards.  The site is https// 

Resources for getting accurate information about company activities include, media matters at and (corporate donations).

We also can look for opportunities to raise issues of crony capitalism, oppose deals made in congress that favor big tech or big corporations perhaps at the expense of small business or consumers.  Us the BDS tactics and social media to hold them accountable.



The climate change movement is a degrowth, anticapitalism movement that will impoverish Americans.   It is a broad-based war on property rights, liberty and way of life.

The big winners of the climate change movement include our federal government with greatly expanded regulatory and taxing powers as well as international /global institutions to manage, dictate and control infinite aspects of our society and economy.   Consider what the government can do under the guise of public health, safety, clean air and water and national security. 

The Statist knows that, if they can create a true public health or environmental scare, the public will be willing to surrender some of their liberties to enable the government to act effectively.   Once given away, the government retains its new authority, will use the next crisis to expand its authority further as needed.  It never gives back its new-found powers gained in a crisis.

Pushback will be along the lines of legal and administrative measures.  A network of state policy groups can be found at https// and a coalition of property rights groups found here: https//


Antifa, Black Lives Matter and Rioters

The failure of the federal government to unleash criminal investigations and bring charges against Antifa and BLM and other domestic terrorist organizations for riots, property damage and physical harm to individuals is scandalous.  Some states such as Florida have mob intimidation and/or cyber intimidation first degree misdemeanors (punishable by up to one year in jail and a $1000 fine).

In addition, individuals have the option of filing civil suits against specific rioters, holding them personally liable for harm inflicted in persons and/or property.  We are not helpless despite the multiple failures of public officials.


Law Enforcement

Law enforcement at state and local levels is under attack.  The defund the police movement is led by Antifa, BLM, anarchist groups, violent criminals, Democratic politicians and the media.  The public support for the police and law enforcement has been stable despite the coordinated efforts to create dissent between the people and the police. 

Additional efforts to advance the defund the police now include efforts by Democrats to essentially eliminate qualified immunity of law enforcement, which would subject officers to lawsuits, personal liability for any interactions with the public.  Further, there is an effort to reduce penalties for criminal assaults of law enforcement.   We need to support law enforcement in our communities.

An additional option for law enforcement is to file civil suits for harm inflicted upon them as officers.   Depending upon state laws, it may be possible to file suit against one or more rioters and the organization they “represent” such as Antifa, BLM or other entity.  Resources to consider for support include the local police benevolent association and the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, as well as Fraternal Order of Police https// and other such groups.

We Choose Liberty!  Patriots of America Unite!

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