End Obamacare...Repeal and Replace!

​Obamacare has not worked, has been rejected by a majority of Americans.    IBD November survey findings: 52% oppose O'care, including 52% independents, 92% Republicans, and 20% Democrats.    See our front page and our page on Obamacare for details...

The Penny Plan to Reduce Federal Spending

If Federal spending was cut one cent per year for a ten year period, the 10% reduction would eliminate over $1T in spending.  

Kane County Patriots Supports an Agenda for america:

End Common Core!

​Common Core is the nationalization of our education system, a systemic takeover of local school districts across the country to impose a curriculum that is deeply flawed.  Details...

Tax Reform

Taxes at all levels of government combined are reducing after tax income of all Americans and lowering living standards at all levels of society.  Reforms focus on lower rates, simplification of code.

​Federal Spending Must be brought under Control!

Current national debt is in the range of $20T, with future spending obligations that exceed global supply of currency.  We need a Plan!

End Obamacare Subsidies for Congress!

​Members of Congress and hundreds of staff get subsidies per person/family of $5-11,000 per year to assist with their costs of Obamacare.  Let's end the subsidies, make Congress live with the same programs available to the rest of America!   More Details...

Perspectives on America

Who Signed the Declaration of Independence?

Meet the Patriots who Founded our Country!

Road to Serfdom...A Brits take on America

Immigration Reform

Today, over 42 million immigrants are located throughout America.  More than 11 million are here illegally.   About 75% are receiving benefits from one or more welfare programs, plus education and health care.  Finally, 25% of prisoners in federal system are illegals. Let's re-claim our borders and restore the rule of law, then determine how to reform our laws on immigration and citizenship.  More details are posted on the front page.  

​Who Are We Dealing With?   Meet the Liberals!

We the People gave Republicans the equivalent of a top of the line 10 speed bike (House, Senate) and what do they do?   Figure eights in the driveway!

Stop Vote Fraud: How the Democrats Steal Elections!

Term Limits For Congress!    

Majority of Americans support defining length of service in both houses of Congress as a means of ending careerism.   Details here ...   One proposal, an amendment to the US Constitution, calls for three terms for the House and two terms for Senate representation.